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Welcome to Animal Magic

Savings club available in the shop to help you spread the cost of buying your more expensive products. Call in store and ask for more details.
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We are a family run pet shop based in the town, with easy back and front access to the shop. We supply pets, all types of pet feed sold loose so you may purchase as much or as little as you require. Feeds include budgie, cockatiel, parrot, wild bird, layers pellets, mixed corn, rabbit, chinchilla, ferret and much more. We stock Dr John’s, Arkwright’s, Advanced working dog formula, Wagg sensitive, Bakers and much more. Poultry feed, Sheep feed, Sheep licks. We sell a range of Horse feed, Horse licks, Rock salt licks on ropes, or sold loose in 10kg and 20kg bags. Shetland Pony Tack. Air Rifles and accessories. Fishing Tackle and accessories. All types of fishing bait, maggots, etc. A range of live and frozen reptile food, we have a weekly order of live reptile food, if you like to be added to our customer list please contact us and we will reserve it for you. We stock a good range of Rabbit hutches in all sizes, with runs, double hutches, etc. We stock a good range of Parrot, Bird, Hamster, Dog and all other pet cages. Bird tables. Fish tanks, pumps, air filters. Tropical fish, cold water fish, etc. Terrarium tanks, basking bulbs etc. Also a good range of cat products. 

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*Qualified for 5 years!

*With over 5 years experience!
*Qualified A Level: Business Management within a Pet Store! "to take "great care" of your loved ones"
From ONLY! £15.00 PLUS further discount available in store!
*Bath*Flea and Tick shampoo*Blazer dryer (also removes any dead undercoat)*Cut, trim and shaping*Nail clipping*Anal gland(if required)*deodorant*purfume
TELEPHONE: 01495 305 353

Pictured is the lovely Gizmo, more pictures will be added to the grooming page shortly!

                               A dog groom