Rat Poison

Here at Animal Magic we have a large stock of rat poison, all listed below, also rat and mouse traps in store. We are able to offer any business trade prices. For more info please ring 07773354449 for details.

Rat humane cage

Humane Rat traps in store

A rat station

Rat station safe to use in the garden with you pets 

A rat bait 100 gm sachets

100g Sachets of rat poison 

a rat bait 15 blocks

15 blocks rat poison 

A  rat poison 720 g

720g rat poison 36 blocks.

A rat bait 3kg

3kg tub of rat poison grain. 

A rat block 2 5 kg

2.5kg - 125 rat poison blocks 

A 20kg bag rat poison

20 kg sacks of rat poison